Tuesday, January 13, 2009

13 Winter Essentials

So I was on (not GQ) more like GQ Pops…and I stumble across something I really enjoyed. Also in reading The Designer For Hermes 10 essential for menswear. The Ten Essentials…Some Things You Must Have At All Times..So I decided to create my 10 esssentials. I usually don’t share originality tips for you fuckin bum ass niggaz. But since im a seasoned vet I think I should share my ten essentials. First Thing Baggy Jeans Are DEAD…Exssively Large Clothin Is DEAD…Hood Fashion Is DEAD… Fuck All that Gay Shit…I Wear Skinny Jeans And The Ladies Still Love Me…So Wat Up…Wus Happenin Like My Son T.I. Say…Here Are My 13 Winter Essential Cuz Everybody Does Ten And Im Jus That Fuckin Dude…Enjoy!...(On A Side Note Niggaz If I See You With All My Ten Essentials You Gotta Give It Up To Dad…Cuz You My SON!)…Nah Jus Respect My Shit!...

^Vans Classic Mad DIRRTY..Have Em Beat The Fuck Up^

^Fly Trench And A Bubble^

^Ralph Lauren Button Up^


^Mens Duffle Bag...My Son Tremayne Got One Of These^
This Is UB 09

^Chanel Mens Cologne^
^I Got Like 50 Of These $3 Brush^
^G-Shock...I Know It Like Blogs Everybody Got 1^
^Blackberry A.K.A Crackberry...Or In My Case Wifey^
^Fly Shades, Ray-Bans,^
Or D,G..Evidence, Or Millionares If You Got Millions To Spend

I Always Keep Somethin For My Breath And For My Lips..Trust It Goes A Long Way With The Ladies!



superduperkya said...

i have most of this stuff... does that make me "that fuckin bitch"? lol.

these def. are winter essentials though.

Jus Capital H said...

Lol...And The Flyest Thing Out..

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