Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gettin My Eddie Murphy Raw On...Lmfao..Lafayette 08..

So This Is Me At Lafayette College...Saucedd! And Smacked!..Thanks To My Cousin Killa a.k.a. Satin....Doin My Best Eddie Murphy Raw Impression lol...Fuck It It Made Me A Legend Up There Rite Z?

With This Post I Also Add 6 Things You May Not Know About Me...

1. Actually Pay For Everythin On A Date

2. Im Notoriously Greedy!

3. Fucks With All The Oldies, Reggae and R&B More Than Rap

4. Were A Size 7 In Kicks...I Still PUT IT DOWN!..Everythin Major Out Here...Certified Baby Leg..

5. I Am Garifuna Hondurian...Not Black...And I Speak Spanish Fluently..

6. I Used To Have No Style Back In The 6th Grade LOL!..

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superduperkya said...

1. proof that chivalry isnt dead.
2. with what? lol.
3. me too.
4. lol ah huh, how tall are you?
5. i thought you were black =X
6. i'm pretty sure we all had no style lol.

btw thats a nice pic.

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