Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So Its Wednesday Classes Were Canceled...There Was NO CLASS!...First Thought Is To Catch Up On Some Well Needed SLEEP...But My Niggaz And I Decided To Go The Knights End And Catch Somethin To Eat...This Is Were One Of The Best Arguements In The History Of Arguements Started...I Say To My Nigggaz...I Don't Fuck Wit The Rap Game Anymore Because There Is No Originality In The Game...But I Fuck Wit A Couple Rappers In The Game...So Here Comes The Arguement...How Can I Not Fuck Wit The Rap Game But Fuck Wit I Couple Rappers...My Niggaz Said In Order To Fuck Wit The Rappers I Have To Fuck Wit The Rap Game Completely...So I Say No I Don't Have To Because I Can Fuck With Certain People In The Rap Game...So The Next Question Is Which Rappers Do You Fucks Wit?...I Say The Obvious Answer Jay-Z...So Here Comes The Next Arguement Jay Z Is Not Original Because He Stole Lines From BIG...I Say Jay Z Original Because He Raps About Shit That Nobody Has Or Will Ever Own...So We Go Back To The Dine(My Dorm Hall)...And The Arguement Continues...An Example Was Brought Up About A Yankee Fitted And If Everyone Had The Same Hat But I Took The Same Hat And Styled That Shit Up...The People Get Ahold Of My Hat And Everyone Starts Wearin My Shit...Am I Not And Originator?...So I Took That Theory And Applied It Jay Z And BIG..BIG Had The Yankee Hat First But Hov Took That And Made It His Own...I Took The W Because My Mans Bodied Himself By Sayin This Exact Quote..."I Don't Fuck Wit Jay Z, But I Listen To Jay Z"...That Totally The Samethin I Was Sayin About To Wack Ass Rap Game...And Then It Was Applied To The NBA In Order To Fuck Wit Kobe Bryant You Gotta Fuck Wit The NBA And The Lakers...That Arguement Was Deaded Because Theres People Around The World That Know About Kobe And Don't Know SHIT About The NBA...
So Then The Arguement Spirals Into Innovators And Pioneers...But Thats Anotha Post..I Jus Ask This Question What Is The Difference Between An Innovator And A Pioneer?

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ENO ONE.... said...

REAL Talk Cuz. the whole post. And to answer your question: A Pioneer creates, invents, discovers, or does something for the first time. An Innovator takes that and Improves, altars or otherwise makes it better.

Example: A Pioneer Made the wheel, But Lexani Created the Rims Making Lexani the innovators
Example: A Pioneer made the television, But the next man created the HD flat screen.

Feel me?


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