Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday..To One Of The People That Inspire Me...

Happy Birthday To The Old Man...Theres No Words To Describe How Much You Inspire Me To Be Great...I Seen You Do It...Thats Enough Motivation For Me To Take It To The Next Level. You Always Gave Me Wat I Needed Not Wat I Wanted...And For That I Am Forever Thankful....Even When We Don't See Eye To Eye I Still Realize That Its For My Best Intrest..I Live To Make You And Mom Proud. Me And Z Want To Wish You A Happy Birthday....I am Thankful That You Stressed Education More That Money. And We Never Had To Worry About Anything But School. Its Gonna Be Real Hard To Give My Son Everything I Never Had...Because Of You I Have It All...Happy Birthday Pops...Lakers Still The BEST!..I Wouldn't Have Any Other Father In the WORLD!...You Inspire Me To Do My Best In Everything..

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