Sunday, January 11, 2009

Loui V Shit...Somethin I Would Fucks With

I Recently Stumbled On Some Tuff New Loui Shit..So This Post Makes Loui Offficially Hood. They Teamed Up With Stephen Sprouse To Design This New Line. This Shit Is Mega Tuff. And The Duffle Is Somethin Imma Defenitely Save Up For The Summer Time To Stunt On You Haters.....

^More Of The Collection^

^This Is For My Cousin Brian^
^The Duffle Bags Aww Shit^

Kanye Is Releasing Limited Edition Loui V Kicks...In My Opinion They Aight I Wouldn't Spend Rent Money On Them But I Know Some Dumb Nigga Will...Lmfao
Im Actually Lookin Forward To These Shits...The Air Yeezys. The Nike And Kanye Callabo. These Are Sure To Get Me Some Neck..Look Out For Them In March..


superduperkya said...

yeah that graff shit is hot.

air yeezys... not so much lol.

Jus Capital H said...

Lol..Yea That Colorway Is ok...Im actually waitin for the all black ones lol...

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