Saturday, January 10, 2009

In My Mind...(Recession?!)

So I Was Thinkin...How Can You Get Fly If Thier A Fuckin Recession Goin On In Rite Now. But Haters Ya Never Gonna Be Fly So Log Off My Fuckin Blog Rite Now. But Yea This Is A Crazy Time We Livin In Rite Now. I Go Back To The Days When I Used To Get Everything I Wanted, My Fault That Was Just Yesterday lol. Nah But The Secret To Being Fly Is Not The Price But The Way You Present It. Theres Is A Recession Goin On Best Described By Jeezy. If You Don't Have The Album (Limewire It lol)...But Yea There Is No Money Out Here, I Hope That Obama Changes All Of That. Cuz When I Finish College I Want Some Millions. At The Same Time People Gotta Handle Thiers. Shout Out To All The Fathers, Single Parents, And Ladies Thats Doin Everything To Provide For Thier Families. My blog is not made to show off or boast..I just want to show people the DIFFERENCE. Theres more to my blog then just fly shit. Now a Days Everyone is TRYIN to Be Original to stay current. Man JUS BE YOU thats the bottom line everythin I Do Is ME. And Do it For You And Nobody Else. Cuz Wen You Start Following You Never See The End....But Yea Off That Serious Shit Back To The Party...I Was Food Shoppin And Me And My Pops Are Always Laughin At This Old Man Who Pays Groceries Wit Straight COINS lol.....Check Old Man Pop Out Gives One Bill And The $2 left All In Change LMFAO!...O Yea On A Side Note Pathmark Handle You Fuckin Line Business Shit!

^That One Bill^

^The Coins^

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