Saturday, January 10, 2009

2009 Everythin Fly...Jus Random Shit I Think Is Fly..

Oh Shit 2 Post At Once...So This Post Is Dedicated To That 3 Letter Word...FLY

Where Do I Start...Big Z...This Is 1/2 Of The 2 Females I Live For. She Is Defenitely Fly And This "09 Shit Some Of Ya Girls Been Doin...She Been Doin Since '89..So She Defenitely Skoolin Some Of Ya Females. (She Made Me Do This Shout Out LOL)...Movin Rite Along lol...
This Man Kanye West It Wouldn't Be My Blog If I Didn't Throw This Man Somewhere In My Blog. He Doin It (No Homo) You Can Hate All You Want But At Some Point You Gotta Pay Respect To This Nigga Talent. YEEZY Put Me On A Track...Nah Lol.

^Best Rapper To Every Grace The Mic...Enuff Said^
"Cuz I Talk About How I Dress And This And Diamond Neckclaces...Stretch Lexuses"
R.I.P. Christopher Wallace May 21, 1972-March 9, 1997

^Number 2^...

"Survive The Droughts I Wish You Well...How Sick Am I...I Wish You Health...I Wish You Wheels...I Wish Wealth...I Wish You Insight So You Could See For Yourself..Enuff Said"

^Can't Forget About P^

^Rag&Bone Catch Me In The Darks Wit The Coat^

^Casio G-Shock^

^Air Jordan^

^Formerly Known As Yung Ralph Lauren^

^They Go Hand In Hand^

^Officially Own Somethin Lmfao...^

I Give A Million Dollars To Anybody Who Disagrees...He Was The Flyest On TV
( O Yea Its My Show Follower!)

Of Course Save The Best For Last It Would Definitely Not Be My Blog If I Didn't Put This In UB...Shout Out To The Whole Fuckin SECOND FLOOR In BODINE!...

Livest In UB...Shout Out To LOL:
H(ERNAN).P(IERRE).T(REMAYNE) Shit Is Gonna Happen! Toya Wat Up Wit The Triple?!..."Supergroup"

Oneyma (SLUT), Milk G (His Mom..Nah lol), Daniel (Not The R.A.),BrI$cO Th@ $tR@G, B.O.B. Ryan, Edson, Manny Oww,
Big Homie Sm%th th@ God, Lee,Young Wave, Jahmal (Wat Up Gz^), Kah!
Clay-ton(Still Wierd), Taji B!, Tyler
Man It Only Took Half Of A Semester For The School Takeover, Image Wats Up Next!
O Yea Vote Me MR. UB.

***Ladies I Would Get To Ya But Its Too Many To Name All At Once...I Love All Ya...Well Jus To The Bad Cute Ones..

^Mr. President^
And I Cannot Forget About The 44th Presidential Elect Barack Obama..My President Is Black..And Since I Don't Own A Lambo Yet...Fuck it! lol..CHANGE PEOPLE CHANGE Gon Come(Old Down South Voice)...lmfao

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