Sunday, January 11, 2009

My First Art Post...So Alot Niggaz Don't Know I Like Art...

So Alot Of Niggaz Don't Know I Fucks Wit The Art Heavy...Thats My Secret Passion I Been Drawin Since I Could Remember...But I Haven't Been Drawin Lately Because Of The Girls..But Imma Get Back To It Soon....I Discovered Some Artist I Like...For Example This Man Takashi Murakami He Is One Of My Favorite. His Works Goes With The Music I Listen To. He Is Also One Of The Designers For Loui V. And He Designed Kanye West Graduation Cover.
My Second Favorite Must Be The King Of Pop Art...Andy Warhol. He Defined The Rockstar Artist of The 80's. His Shit Was Mostly Pictures, He Rairly Painted Anythin He Got Mad Shit Out I Jus Wanted To Post Some Unseen Shit...He Famous For Those Campbell Soup Cans...His Shit Go For Crazy Bread Out Here...
This Is A Still Life Picture He Made Thru The 70s and 80s
And To Round Out My Top 3 Is K.A.W.S. I Jus Discovered Him Last Year Thru The Big Homie..His Shit Is Straight Up Dope And Fly...
^The Kimpsons^

Some Random Art I Like
^Remind Me Of My Homie Jay Smooth Lmfao^

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